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Debt Validation as a Strong Cash Flow Investment Opportunity

Creativity in times of uncertainty is a magical talent.

Dave Zook, the CEO & Founder of The Real Asset Investor, #1 best-selling author and one of the top 5 ATM operators in the U.S., has that magical talent.

Last year, Dave was introduced to the Debt Validation Team by one of his trusted advisors, and was impressed with not only the ROI, but also their reporting and their financial performance right through Covid-19.

Dave is offering this investment opportunity to accredited investors on a first come, first serve basis.

Despite the fact that there are no tax benefits and no equity appreciation, this is a great opportunity for the following reasons:

  • A place to store cash while waiting for the right opportunity to invest in a Real Asset.

  • Quick return of capital, starting in approximately 45 days.

  • Strong Cash flow returns.

  • Strong performance despite Covid-19.

Debt Validation is a process where consumers retain legal services for assistance with debt relief. The Fund is partnered with experienced attorneys and a payment servicer who have more than a decade of expe­rience in this niche practice area and provide this service to thousands of clients all over the country.

How Does It Work, And How Our Fund Will Help Thousands Of Consumers. While Debt Consolidation, Debt Settlement, and Bankruptcy are the best-known solutions for the millions of consumers who find themselves trapped with crushing debt, a lesser-known solution called Debt Validation exists that can deliver significantly better outcomes for many consumers. Debt Validation is not as well-known as these other forms of debt mitigation due to the immense amount of marketing dollars spent to attract consumers to these other forms of debt mitigation.

For example, our attorney partner is typically able to achieve amazing results for their clients, with more than 90% of the targeted debt wiped clean for their clients (based on actual histori­cal data to-date) and with clients achieving an average savings of approximately $32,250 compared to making minimum monthly payments over time.

Acquiring Seasoned Clients Reduces Risk. The Fund will only be purchasing seasoned client accounts. Our attorney partner’s years of historical data shows that more than 85% of our clients who successfully make their first service payment will remain ongoing clients until the end of the Debt Validation process. This greatly reduces risk to investors.

Our goal in structuring this Fund was to put our investors first and help our investors receive the return of their capital as quickly as possi­ble. With that in mind, we created a very preferable structure for inves­tors that helps to reduce risk and prioritizes an accelerated payback for investors, including:

  • NO Management fees

  • NO Set-up fees

  • NO Upfront fees

  • NO Administrative/ documentation fees

  • NO Other fees to the Fund Manager until investors have received their ENTIRE project­ed return, including the return of their capital and their pro­jected 32% total return.

  • The Fund Manager will only earn fees via the remaining cash flow from the client ac­counts AFTER investors have received their ENTIRE project­ed return, thereby providing investors with a very favorable structure and which helps to reduce risk for investors com­pared to most other Funds that include upfront fees, manage­ment fees, and profit splits BE­FORE investors have received their ENTIRE projected return.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, read the attached Investment Summary Here and send an email to with your comments, questions, or expressions of interest.

For More information Contact

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