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Why So Restless?


Restless and Investment are not typically the combination of words you would hear used together in a sentence. But the first time my husband suggested “Restless Investments” I knew what he meant. “Too many restless nights spent thinking about our future” he said, and I couldn’t agree more. 


We, as well as most Americans, have worked long days and weekends, year after year, in hopes to retire collecting some Social Security benefits and whatever you have managed to put away in your IRA. 

We started with a self-directed IRA and some passive investing with Dave Zook, (my favorite Superhero, Marvel or otherwise) then attended seminars to learn about different opportunities. At the events, we networked with other investors, accountants and lawyers to form our syndication company: Restless Investments, LLC., and put together an amazing team along the way.

Restlessly investing in anything would not be wise, due diligence is of the utmost importance! But as we learn and grow, all our restless nights might just be the answer to our investors dreams.

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